Customer Service FAQs

Customer Service FAQs  


  • Telehealth/Telemedicine

    The Policy with Proliability, underwritten by Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc. does not exclude telehealth/telemedicine services. For practitioners electing to provide professional services via telehealth/telemedicine, it is the responsibility of each practitioner to ensure that they are lawfully providing professional services and meeting the requirements outlined by their professional state or federal licensing or regulatory boards and practicing within the profession’s scope and standards of practice.


    We have compiled a list of risk management resources including a telehealth/telemedicine brief.


    If you need a copy of your policy, please visit My Account or contact us [email protected] or 1-800-375-2764.

  • COVID-19 Claims

    We understand practitioners may have questions or concerns about COVID-19 claims, particularly whether or not the professional liability policy offered by Proliability would provide coverage for such claims. While coverage for each claim is subject always to the terms and conditions of the policy, please be assured that there are no terms or conditions in the policy that exclude a claim from coverage on the basis that the claim arises out of a communicable disease, such as the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The availability of insurance coverage is highly dependent on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding each claim, as well as the wording of the insurance policy, however; so unfortunately we cannot comment on hypothetical claims scenarios, and can only provide a coverage analysis for an actual claim. If you have a claim, please submit it to the Claims Department (as outlined in policy documents) as soon as possible.  Additionally, we recommend that you review the policy to understand the terms, conditions, and exclusions.
  • Practice Questions - Return to Work

    We understand practitioners may have questions or concerns regarding the state and/or federal guidelines about the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and what impact the guidelines may have on insurance coverage. This is a particularly pressing issue as some states are resuming elective procedures, even though the CDC and others recommend not resuming these activities. Insurance companies have no special insight into the standards of practice and the scope of your license that are established by healthcare industry regulators, and we are awaiting clarity from the regulators on these issues just the same as you are. That said, we can share the following information about insurance coverage for you to keep in mind in the interim:

    • The intent of professional liability insurance is to provide coverage for the professional services identified in the policy that you are legally qualified to perform—but coverage is subject to compliance with the certification and/or licensure requirements in the state(s) you practice;
    • Conduct that you know to be against the law may be excluded from coverage, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the policy or as required by law.

    If you have questions regarding licensure or practice issues, including what impact federal guidance may have on your ability to practice in a given state, our recommendation is to contact the State Licensing Boards in the state(s) where you practice.


  • What is professional liability?

    Professional liability insurance, sometimes known as medical malpractice insurance, protects licensed or certified healthcare professionals from liability associated with wrongful practices resulting in bodily injury, medical expenses and property damage, as well as the cost of defending lawsuits related to such claims. 
  • Will my employer’s insurance cover me?

    While many employers (not all) provide professional liability coverage, many have coverage gaps, including:

    • Policy limits that are not high enough to protect you and your coworkers.
    • Coverage does not include lost wage reimbursement, licensing board hearing reimbursement and defense costs.
    • Volunteer or part-time work outside of your workplace may not be covered.
    • Suits filed after you have terminated your employment may not be covered. 
  • How long is the policy term?

    Most of our policies are issued a full 12- month annual term and the quote you receive online is the total due for the 12 month term with the exception of our Student and Student Blanket policies which offer Multi Year policies.
  • Is coverage available immediately?

    Most individual policies may become effective the date your application is submitted, subject to underwriting review and approval. Group practices require underwriting review. An Indication of Premium may be available for some of our eligible professions by clicking here to select your profession. If “Group” does not appear in the Get a Quote section, an Indication of Premium is not yet available. Please call 1-800-375-2764.
  • What is the difference between a claims-made and an occurrence policy?

    The terms refer to the type of coverage you have, which may affect when you are able to report a claim on your policy:


    Claims-made: A claims-made policy will provide coverage only if the policy is in effect when the incident occurred and the lawsuit is reported. An Extended Reporting Period — or Tail Coverage — may be purchased to extend the reporting period after the policy ends.


    Occurrence: An occurrence policy covers any incident that occurred during the policy period even if a claim is reported after the policy has expired.


    All Allied Health products offered are written on an occurrence coverage basis. 

  • Do I need a Self-Employed or Employed policy?

    These definitions will help you determine which type of policy you need:


    Employed: The applicant receives a W-2 and is not an owner of the legal entity that issues the W-2. The employed individual should receive their primary malpractice coverage through his/her employer. Note: If an employer does not purchase insurance or their policy does not provide coverage to the employee, the applicant is subject to the self-employed rate.


    Self-employed: The applicant is an individual professional who functions full- or part-time as an independent C6 with private patients, a 1099 employee or an applicant who does not receive primary malpractice coverage through his/her employer. An individual professional who is a sole owner of a business/corporation, such as an LLC with no employees or independent contractors, may qualify for the self-employed status with the business listed as an additional insured at no additional charge. 

  • What does my policy cover?

    Professional liability insurance generally covers allegations of negligence from the acts, errors and omissions in the rendering of professional services. Many professional liability insurance policies will also include supplemental coverages such as licensing board reimbursement expense, deposition expense, lost wage reimbursement, reimbursement for HIPAA fines and penalties and more. 
  • What does per-occurrence/aggregate limits mean?

    The per occurrence limit is the maximum amount the company will pay per claim during the policy term. The Annual Aggregate limit is the maximum amount the company will pay for multiple claims during the policy term.
  • What coverage limits are available?

    Our standard per-occurrence limit of liability is $1,000,000. Higher or lower limits of liability are available pending underwriter review and approval. 
  • I’m employed but also work on my own 10 hours per week. Do I need separate coverage?

    Total all hours worked for both Employed and Self-Employed. If the hours total more than 20 hours per week, select the full-time annual premium under the Self-Employed section of the application. 
  • Does the policy include coverage for sale of products?

    Product Sales are not expressly covered. If coverage is needed for the sale of products, please contact our office at 1-866-956-2774 to inquire about alternative markets.
  • Is coverage available for students?

    Yes, we offer policies for Allied Health and Nursing students. 
  • Should students carry their own individual professional liability policy?

    Students should purchase their own professional liability coverage if they are not covered on a policy held by their school or university and wish to protect themselves. 
  • Can a school/university obtain one policy to provide coverage for all students?

    Yes, a student blanket policy is available to cover students as well as the faculty/staff for direct supervision and education of those students.
  • Do you offer coverage for a small practice/group?

    Professional liability coverage is available depending on your business structure. A typical policy could provide coverage for owners, employees and independent contractors acting on behalf of the business. 
  • Does my professional liability policy provide coverage for damage to my property?

    Professional Liability policies do not provide coverage for damage to the insured’s property. There may be limited coverage available to Self Employed Individuals who select the optional General liability coverage however for more comprehensive options, please contact a sales team member at 1-800-375-2764.


  • How do I apply for a new policy?

    For individuals and students, the fastest way to apply is online, but you have a few options available:


    Online: Find your profession, select “Get a Quote” and follow the prompts. You will receive a quote once all questions have been answered, provided additional underwriting is not necessary. You can then accept the quote and bind coverage by paying with your credit card or checking account.


    Paper: Access the online application as you would online. If you prefer to print the application, choose the “Print on Demand” option. Return the signed and dated application with payment.


    By phone: Call our sales team at 1-800-375-2764 to apply by phone.


    For groups: Please select your profession to get a quote, or call our sales team at 1-800-375-2764 to discuss your options. 

  • How do I renew my policy? I do not have any changes.

    For individuals and students, the fastest way to renew is online. Provide your customer number, email address and click “Renew Now.” Please note, you may pay using your credit card or checking account. For groups, a new application is mailed 90 days before your policy’s expiration date.

  • How do I renew my policy? I have changes.

    Click My Account and log in with your username and password. Select “Renew with Changes” and answer the few underwriting questions.

  • I did not receive my renewal premium invoice, when will I receive it?

    In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, your renewal emails now direct you to our online renewal platform. You will receive your renewal solicitation 30 days prior to your expiration. If you require your renewal solicitation prior to this timeframe, please contact us at 1-800-375-2764.
  • What happens after I graduate?

    If you graduate before the policy expires or an internship is required, coverage will continue as a professional or intern working in your field of study until the policy expires. Once the policy expires, you can update your policy to renew as a professional by choosing to Renew with Changes.
  • I need help logging in to My Account, or I forgot my username, password or security question.

    Please re-register your account following these steps:

    • Click My Account at the top of the page.
    • Select “Register” at log in.
    • Enter your email address and customer number.
    • Create a new password and complete the security questions when prompted. 
  • What payment options are available?

    The following payment options are available:


    Credit card: Pay online by Mastercard, Visa or American Express. An encrypted payment will be provided to AMBA to pay for your policy or requested change.

    Check, certified check or money order: Mail your payment with your invoice or letter requesting payment. You may also pay online and pay using your checking account.

    Finance through AFCO: Premiums of $750.00 or more may be financed and are subject to an APR%. Please be advised a down payment, installment(s) and a signed contract are required. The contract reflecting the required fees will be provided upon request. New applicants can request financing by calling 1-800-375-2764. Renewal applicants should write AFCO on your premium invoice and return it to our office. 

  • How do I add an authorized individual on my account?

    To add an authorized individual to your account, the Named Insured, or an owner of the Named Insured covered by the entity, must send a written authorization by mail, fax or email. 
  • RPG Fee Explanation

    Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) membership fees are used to pay for expenses related to the management and administration of the RPG, including, but not limited to, RPF state filings and registrations, as well as the creation of risk management and risk avoidance education materials provided to RPG members. The RPG has entered into an administrative services agreement with an affiliated entity,  AMBA, for the management and administration of the RPG, and the RPG fees will be used to pay AMBA for the administrative services it provides to and on behalf of the RPG. Please note that the RPG membership fee is subject to change based on the effective date of your policy.

  • I have Employed Individual coverage, but need to cover for work performed as Self-Employed (1099).

    Please login to My Account and download the Self Employed Questionnaire located in the Resource Center or call 1-800-375-2764.

  • I have Self-Employed Individual coverage, but need to cover for work performed as Employed (W-2).

    Please login to My Account and upload a request in writing to make this change or call 1-800-375-2764.

  • I have Self-Employed Individual coverage, but need to add employees/independent contractors/owners.

    Do I need to change my policy?  

    Yes, Self-Employed Individual coverage is for the Named Insured only. Group practices require underwriting review. An Indication of Premium may be available for some of our eligible professions by clicking here to select your profession. If “Group” does not appear in the Get a Quote section, an Indication of Premium is not yet available. Please call 1-800-375-2764.

  • I have Practice or Group coverage, I need to make a change to my staff. How do I do that?

    Please login to My Account and upload a request in writing to make this change or call 1-800-375-2764.

  • How do I change my name or address?

    Changes can be made online through My Account. You may update these changes and renew your policy at the same time by selecting “Renew with Changes.”

  • How do I cancel my policy?

    To cancel your policy, you can upload a signed and dated request from the policy holder by logging into My Account or email, fax or mail it to us. If you are an executor of an estate, please include the request with a copy of the policy holders death certificate.


  • How do I report a claim or disciplinary action?

    If you are named in a lawsuit, if an incident has occurred that you believe may lead to a claim, or if a complaint has been made to your licensing board, please send a written request by email to [email protected], or mail it to:


    Liberty International Underwriters, Inc
    Attn: AMBA Claims
    28 Liberty Street, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10005

    If you would like to speak with someone regarding your matter, call 1-855-511-8097.


    When contacting Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc., please provide the following:

    ·       Your policy number

    ·       The telephone number and best time you can be reached

    ·       An address where you can receive mail

    ·       An email address

    ·       The date you received the claim/disciplinary action

    ·       The date of the incident

    ·       The claimant name (if available)

    ·       A brief description of the facts of the claim/disciplinary action (if available)

  • What do I need to know when filing a medical incident report?

    View this Healthcare Claims Guide for more details on filing medical claims.


  • What is the risk management program?

    The program is a new benefit and a value-added service to current policyholders at no additional cost. The risk management program is a complement to the professional liability insurance and includes a series of professional risk management content: web videos, webinars, articles and risk management checklists. The program also includes a monthly risk management tip and access to an independent risk management consultant with the first 30 minutes included. 
  • How do I access the risk management program?

    If you are a current policyholder, you have access to the risk management program. Visit New applicants will receive a welcome email within 30 days of your policy effective date with instructions.